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Philanthropy and Patriotism the Refuge of Scoundrels

In a reply to a comment I made on David Brear's 'MLM' American Dream Made Nightmare blog, David Brear brought the Jimmy Savile sexual assault scandal in the United Kingdom to my attention.  In respect of his observations, I offer my assessment of Savile and describe how he and other criminal scoundrels and frauds have "infiltrated traditional society" and seek refuge as philanthropists and patriots.  

Deceased British comedic star Sir James Wilson Vincent "Jimmy" Savile, is not generally well known in the U.S., although he should be. His death barely registered a blip on the U.S. news radar.  While developing some background information on Savile, I discovered that he had at one time appeared in a series of commercials where he was portrayed as the inventor of Slim-Jim snacks, and like the more well known Slim-Jim pitch man Hulk Hogan,  Savile was a former 'big time' wrestler in the U.K.. Although "slim" of build,  Jimmy participated in the spectacle of wrestling during a particularly rough and bloody era.  

Since Savile's death, child molestation allegations have been brought against him posthumously.  This sexual abuse scandal did make wide-scale news in the U.S because it represented an incredible embarrassment to law enforcement and to the Royal Family . An extensive investigation has unmasked "Sir" Jimmy as a prolific pedophile-rapist whose victims number into the hundreds,  making him one of the most prolific sexual offenders in the modern history of the United Kingdom. Past allegations of sexual misconduct against Savile were disregarded and swept under covered up due to Savile's incredible public stature and philanthropy.   British author, David Brear says that, Sevile had thoroughly "infiltrated traditional culture."  For Savile's part, he managed to escape being brought to account for his crime up until his death.

What a strange, successful and eccentric character Sir James Salvile was!  During his long career in show business, Sevile  displayed his infatuation with young girls and had presented himself as an absurd adviser to wayward youth. He was known to ask children appearing on his TV show Jim'll Fix It the the now chilling question: 

"Who wants to come back to Jimmy’s dressing room?"

In addition to accusations of child molestation made since his death, Jimmy has also been accused of animal cruelty which indicates that he suffered with mental disorders and was most likely a psychopath. 

Sevile possessed a brilliance for his comedic craft while his friendly mannerism and charisma worked to disarm public scrutiny and masked his sinister double life.  Many observers and fans of his television persona expressed the common opinion that "Jimmy was not really a pedophile" believing his overt behavior toward young girls to be simply an act. All this being said, Sevile was a remarkable popular entertainer, tv presenter and a knighted celebrity, virtually loved by the British public and the Royal Family. 


A circus like atmosphere grew up around Savile's celebrity. Teenage groupies would sometimes show up outside his live appearances and seen drinking huge quantities of Buckfast and "puking it into the drains.".  Sevile wore outrageous hats and gaudy track suits. Savile hosted for a time Top of the Pops, the popular British equivalent of American Bandstand. Savile still can be seen in the numerous Youtube videos hosting the popular BBC show.

In retrospect, his sexual crimes should have been discovered and prosecuted during his living years. His incredible public celebrity provided him with an untouchable aura.  The fact that he had been knighted by the Catholic church and received the highest honor of knighthood bestowed upon him at Buckingham palace, has since, become an embarrassment to the church and the Royal Family.  

Sir Jimmy was buried in a red satin lined gold casket with eulogies and condolences coming from all over the world of celebrity, the social elite  and from Royalty. Savile had an insane infatuation with gold and gold powder which he is reported to have ingested, leading many to speculate that it contributed to his death.  Savile was appropriately buried in a gold casket.

According to a Wikipedia article on Jimmy Savile sex scandal, a report undertaken jointly by the police and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), was published on 11 January 2013. It said in part:

"...allegations covering a period of fifty years, including 214 alleged acts by Savile which, though uncorroborated, have been formally recorded as crimes, some involving children as young as eight. The report states "within the recorded crimes there are 126 indecent acts and 34 rape/penetration offences. Alleged offences took place at 13 hospitals as well as on BBC premises..."  

David Brear, author of MLM The American Dream Made Nightmare made a comment on his blog that sums up my thoughts on Jimmy Savile and income opportunity fraud.  I trust that he will not mind my using it. David says:

"During the course of my research into 'income opportunity' racketeers, I have discovered that all of them have attempted to prevent, and/or divert, investigation of their hidden criminal activities by steadfastly pretending to be 'philanthropists.' When seen in isolation (by casual observers), the creation of, and the giving of money to, charity can appear to be perfectly lawful activities. However, in the case of numerous gangs of 'income opportunity' racketeers ('Amway', 'Herbalife', NuSkin', 'Xango', 'Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing', 'Lyoness', etc.) when the wider picture is examined, these same activities are revealed as a blatant attempt to obstruct justice, forming part of an overall pattern of ongoing major racketeering activity."

Sir James Savile upon his death was eulogized as a most wonderful philanthropist, having given both his time and money to help the unfortunate.   Little did people realize "what else" he was giving to his unfortunate victims.

It has been said that the mobster, Al Capone, was recognized for his charity of opening upsoup kitchens and the feeding of the poor of Chicago during the darkest years of the great depression.

Amway, a shortening of the "American Way" has sought refuge in both patriotism and charity, although the means to give to their charitable foundations came from the pockets of those who believed in the Amway pyramid.  How wonderful. 


A recent scandal has now tarnished the reputation of America's Dad, Bill Cosby, who like Jimmy Savile, has been recognized for his significant support of charity. He has 'worked to educate and help unfortunate people with learning problems.' This despite the significant skeletons lurking in his closet. Philanthropy and Patriotism, the refuge of scoundrels.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Big Lie

Today, I was reading through some comments on this blog under Amway’s Perfect Water Scam post.  One ‘anonymous’ person, claiming to ‘be going Diamond’ said that I must spend my time in the dark hating on Amway and so forth.  The truth is I hate what Amway does, much of which is similar to what Scientology does and neither is good.  Amway adherents repeat constantly the big lie:

 "...that you can own your own successful business."

Why is this a lie, you might ask?  Simply because Amway and their army of lawyers by contract virtually control every aspect of their (Amway) business.  Folks who swallow this first, of many, lies are doomed to be puppets in a pyramid marketing scheme that is purposely designed to be a long term failure.  Folks may claim to be miraculously changed into an ‘entrepreneur’ and are actively ‘faking it to making it'  while buying the ‘secrets’ of ‘financial freedom.'

Another Anonymous contributor left this comment about his/her experience in an Amway clone: 

"This website makes me laugh and cry......i wasn't bitten by the amway/quixtar viper.....but another "opportunity" sure knocked my teeth out.....when approached by seemingly well meaning green recruits, i want to shout "run for the hills and don't look back.....the heartache, the humiliation and loss of credibility is surely not what i wish for these hopefuls....but it surely will be their destiny....i poured my heart and soul into a like company and have not fully recovered many years later....i learned a lot....but at a very high i say to you eager eyed and pumped up new for the hills....don't look back!"

In the end, this negative experience happens to nearly all enthusiastic believer’s, not just Amway, but in nearly all their numerous clones like Mary Kay, Herbalife and NuSkin.   I emphasize  the  “heartache” “humiliation” and “loss of credibility”  I  have been warning those considering joining a MLM scheme to also "run for the hills" like this commenter says.    

I constantly observe how Amway and their 'kingpins' have taken their marketing scheme to the unfortunate people elsewhere in the world by offering them ‘the American dream’  in the form of “owning their own successful business.” These super human saviors repeat the big lie.  The citizens of emerging third world nations are ripe for the Amway scheme: possessing a naivety that can be exploited.  They are unaware of Amway’s track record in the United States. Amway operates like ‘carpetbaggers’ seeking those that can be preyed upon--who are less likely to have heard or read about Amway’s wake of ‘financial failures.’

"When Amway is put under a microscope two distinct harmful viruses appear.  Remember, big lies are more likely to be believed.  Adolf Hitler surely would agree."                                                                                                                        

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Behind Amway Products There's a Slave Story

Today I read an amusing article that describes what depressed copywritters would really print (if allowed). The Business Insider article includes the above picture where a field worker is shown loading a basket of produce onto some sort of conveyance which has an Amway advertisement. The headline reads "Behind Amway Products There's a Slave Story.
Actually, it is the cult adherents who buy Amway products who are the real slaves, not necessarily the field hand pictured. Even at slave wages, he actually profits from his labor.
Amway operates a 'closed market swindle' whereby the only real customers for Amway products are the Amway distributors themselves. They generally believe they can become wealthy buying the overpriced goods by recruiting and convincing others to believe the same bullshit 'prosperity dream'and to buy the same lot of overpriced crappy vitamins, energy drinks, and other 'wampum.'

Most people 'get it' that Amway is a bullshit opportunity, that Ambots are a cult of deluded, annoying people who believe they can pyramid scheme themselves to fortune. These cultists prey on their family, friends, co-workers and any sucker they might come across. They attend bullshit conventions to be lied to by Amway 'kingpins' and to buy a myriad lot of 'tools' to learn how the Amway 'con' works.

Amway is a cult of losers who keep losing because they are deluded into believing they become winners by being the only buyers in Amway's monopoly of greed. The Amway cult is rife with both abuser and the abused. The abused become the abuser. The bullied become the bully.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life On A Soap Crew Turns Nightmare

I recently noticed a comment made on one of my several articles on the horrors of the traveling sales crews Amway Cult Youth Initiate's Deaths Possibly Related to Sleep Deprivation. msawyer wrote:
"I came from a soap crew and I was abused by most of the staff and the owners too. Its really hard to find some place to go when you give your life to these people. I had no clue that for the first year I would be stuck selling this junk. They treated me good at first. and then when my mom ended up in the hospital thats when I saw there true colors. They would extort me and threaten me. you guys that dont have a clue what this is about are foolish and blined. these companies trap,brain wash and threaten. They take your pay that you earned so you cant go any where. Then you feel lost and homeless , so you end up going back to them so you have some place to go. Its Sad and I will help to get all door to door sales companies to be gone, they are the devils."

It has been some time since I have visited the Horrors of the Traveling Sales Crew issue or wrote any blog posts concerning Malinda's Law. The beautiful summer weather brings with it the liklihood that you will be receiving that unexpected knock at the door from a wondering "soap crew" salesperson of one type or another. Just as in msawyer's comment above, those victimized many times do not understand what type of "devil" they are signing up with. At first, all seems to be bright adventure and travel, and then degenerates into what Phil Ellenbecker has documented as a potentially horrifying experience which exploits youthful exuberance and has the potential to end badly. Please visit the Traveling Sales Crews Information Web Site.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nutrilite Nutriscam Vitamins Used to Finance Amway Cult Closed Market Swindle

Recently I've had a Amway Apologist leave a comment on another of my blogs whereby he (or she) made a enthusiastic assessment of Amway's Nutrilite vitamins (all as if to represent that they were somehow the best vitamins available). This obviously deluded Amway cult adherent then mentioned the name a foreign soccer sports star by the name of 'Ronaldo' who supposedly endorses Nutrilite. Obviously I must 'school' this anonymous commenter and describe to my reading audience exactly how Nutri-Scam/Nutrilite operates.

Nutrti-scam is actually much older than the 'American Way' itself; 'Amway' collectively is merely an extension of an earlier premeditated 'closed market swindle,' Nutrilite, began by Carl Rehnborg in association with Mytinger and Casselberry. The United States authorites sought to close down what they obviously deduced was a 'snake oil-like' huckster fraud, which in the final analysis put Rehnborg and his scheming business partners out of business. Regrettably, the authorities failed to prevent the cultic initiators (Devos-Van Andel) of the fledgling 'American Way' cult (now collectively known as 'Amway') from taking possession of 'Nutrilite.' Amway now carries on the same exact carefully disguised swindle first operated by Rehnborg. Nutri-Scam therefore was grandfather to that evil step-son: 'Amway.' Do you follow the logic? To more fully understand Nutrilite, Rehnborg and how the Amway cult began, read David Brear's article: Mother of Mercy, Could this be the end of Amway?

Nutrilite vitamins have only one market: primarily the cultic adherents of the Amway closed market swindle, the 'independent business owners,' prosperity believing adherents who contribute handsomely to the Amway cultic initiator's private wealth, ill gotten gain, much of it in exchange for a huckster-like, unremarkable health supplement known as Double X. Amway Cult initiates are taught to believe this Rehnborg 'concoction' has no peer, being associated with renown sports figures (like the former World's fastest man or a soccer star that most people in the United States have never heard of). The truth may be a hard 'pill' to swallow for the Amway 'true believers,' but there are any number of other vitamin supplements which exceed the potency of of these otherwise anemic snake oil compressions that are marketed as vitamins. These other products significantly do not sell for Amway's extortionate prices. When these 'Double Cross' beans are tossed on the ground, they do not grow a bean stalk up to the giant's golden egg laying goose at the top of the bean-stalk.

Amway operates a 'closed market swindle' whereby the buying 'distributors' exclude all 'negative' (normally marketed products) from their homes. 'Nutrilite' (Nutri-Scam) therefore plays a major part in how Amway carries their 'advanced fee swindle' forward. The cost to manufacture these truly unremarkable pellets is incredibly small, nearly nominal, allowing the Devos, Van Andel American Way cult initiators to extract an incredible amount of money from their own supposed salespeople, all who are in actuality the only 'market' for these extortionately priced ($50 - $70) items 'IBOs' are taught to buy in a veritable 'pay to play' game of greed.

I must bring to reader's minds the relatively small swindle of Bernie Madoff, which in the end falls short of the utter fleecing the Amway 'true believers' who are flim-flamed in huckster fashion into buying an overpriced, unremarkable health supplement, all while these duped 'winners' are then further fleeced in a secondary swindle known as the 'tool and function' business operated by criminogenic kingpins, 'mafia-like' families.

Have you been exposed to the Amway menace in some way, shape, fashion, or form? Has their been a 'business cult' meeting in the midst of your neighborhood? Have you received the infamous 'curiosity invite?' Have you been exposed to 'pro-sumer' psychobabble? Be forewarned therefore that these people are out to 'rape' (in the end) the finances of the unwary in what author David Brear describes as the financial holocaust, and sadly, many fall for the con represented as supposed legitimate business. Indeed there exist Amway apologists like David Steadson (IBOFB), Scott Johnson (Tex), and Bridgett Baron (Bridgett); all of whom commit the worst type of psychotic crime: knowing the truth of the Amway swindle and promoting it further in what becomes 'intent to defraud' others into joining. They are obviously narcisticly addled con men who conveniently disregard the historic Amway 'financial holocaust' already played out against former and now long gone Amway true believers.
Now you really know.
You can avoid making the mistake many former adherants--the taken--can attest is an insidious premeditated swindle, all now operating their American Way scam Worldwide. Word to the wise. For more information click here. qiac September 2009

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Amway Global Cult Adherents Scammed by Prosumer Pseudo-Science

Is Amway Global all it is cracked up to be? Do Amway recruiters lie? Do Amway 'true believers' follow insane 'pseudo-science' business training which encourages them to be their own best customers and actually believe this is a wise pursuit by the insane tools that the Amway 'kingpins' encourage them to also buy?

Alan Scherstuhl has written a article in the Village Voice titled Inspirational Business Writing Hits A New Low with Studies in Crap and Pro-Sumer Power! where he takes a comical 'pot shot' at Pro-Sumer Power! How to Create Wealth by Spending Smarter, Not Cheaper, a book written by Bill Quain, PhD. Supposedly, this Bill Quain has a doctorate in 'Educational Administration' and has also written a tome titled The Quixtar Price Is Right, another reality bending work by this supposed genius of education.

Amway believers have long been taught, encouraged, and audited by their upline mentors to be the #1 consumers of their own products, all while they are also taught that this makes good business sense. They are also taught to buy all the mind numbing crap--known as tools--from the Amway kingpins which support this insane logic. In Scherstuhl's article, he exposes the 'reality inverting' logic that Amway cultists are expected to believe. This insanity has been given a name: "pro-sumer"--a reality inverting 'neologism' which combines the words 'producer' and 'consumer'.
"In all of Pro-Sumer Power!, the first book I've ever wanted to punch in the crotch, there is but one flicker of genuine inspiration, and that's right there in the title. Apparently, we're now free to swap prefixes and root-words as we please. After pro-suming, who's up for a ride on a circum-cycle with an para-hobo?" ...Alan Scherstuhl

Being a 'prosumer' might be described as 'eating while making a deposit in the loo!' Shurstuhl describes Dr Quain's reality inverting tomes as being on par with L. Ron Hubbard's 'Dianetics' and 'Battleground Earth' which are also supposed pseudo-science 'crap books' which lead thousands of people down Scientology's path of deception. Amway and Scientology, Apart From the Labels, What's the Difference?

Dr. Quain's wonderful screw-ball books actually describe how Amway cult adherents are lead to believe that Amway's 'closed market swindle' can make all their 'prosperity dreams' come true. The same type of folks who believe in Dr. Quain's works might also enjoy L. Ron Hubbard's books as well. Both defy reality! Please give Inspirational Business Writing Hits A New Low with Studies in Crap and Pro-Sumer Power! a read. Find out how neologisms like Prosumer make little sense, and be sure to see the wonderful supportive graphics Dr. Quain uses to support his premises.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amway Apologists Revealed as "Jack and Jill" After Having Dispute With Doug Wead for Joining Competitor Xango

Amway apologists IBOFightBack and Bridgett Baron have had a public 'falling out' with a former Amway kingpin, Doug Wead, who has publicly announced that he has formed a 'consulting' relationship with an Amway competitor, Xango--another MLM competitor of Amway who market a pomegranate health drink, a near clone-like product similar to another of Amway's bitter MLM rivals, MonaVie, who markets an accai berry drink in a wine bottle. Readers might recall that many of Amway's ex-kingpins, like Orrin Woodward, left Amway in August of 2007 during the IBO Rebelion and are now selling their mixed bag of 'motivation' with MonaVie and the likes of Xango as well.

Seems Doug Wead, a former presidential advisor on the religious right wing and former Amway 'diamond' kingpin, has 'pulled the covers off' of this IBOFightback chap (David Steadson) and Bridgett Baron stating that "industry insiders" describe them as "Jack and Jill". Here is what Mr. Wead has said on his own blog about Steadson and Baron:
"BTW, for those of you listening in, Bridgett and IBO fightback are called “Jack and Jill” in the networking industry. It is presumed that they are freelance apologists for Amway assigned to live on the net and promote their employers." ...Doug Wead

Much speculation concerning IBOFightBack has been garnered on the web about what would seem to be obvious connections between him and Amway (headquartered in Ada, Michigan). It has precipitated much discussion on the (webraw) Quixtar Blog and within the Q-Blog Forum. Steadson has claimed that he acts independently of Amway, but incorporates a plethora of materials and videos on his 'The Truth About Amway' web pages obviously supplied to him by Amway which supports Steadson's supposedly 'unofficial' propaganda--all of which offers Amway up as a great opportunity.

Steadson does for Amway what it could not openly do for themselves because of the questionable tactics which Steadson is free to employ and for which Amway would want to officially distance themselves from. Amway of course offers up their own 'official' pages and fluffy 'Opportunity Zone' blogs which generally do not address all of the 'scam' and 'consumer fraud' allegations against Amway made by people from all walks of life and for which Steadson is always 'fighting back' against. Steadson feels free to openly take on all the Amway critics like Scott Larsen as well as anti-Amway blogger Joecool.

Bridgett, a propagandist, much like Steadson, offers up a rosy picture of the Amway business as well. Her views have been described as 'pink'. Both Steadson and Baron prowl the Internet 'dispelling the Amway myths'. They feel their 'job' is to follow the search engine results for pages critical of Amway and 'troll' blogs and pages they deem paint an 'unfair' picture of their beloved Amway. Author and Amway critic, David Brear, asks the question, "When does this fellow (Steadson) ever sleep?"

IBOfightback and Bridgett describe Amway as a multi-billion dollar business which operates world wide, as if these sales figures somehow make the Amway distributors somehow magically successful themselves. The sad truth is that the rolling failure rates for Amway distributors approaches 100%. Amway's cult adherents labor in the 'Biblical' Amway vineyard, many times for years without ever producing a quantifiable profit after expenses. Amway rank and file 'distributors' (heavy irony intended) spend countless time and money attending paid candle lit rallies and buying the motivational materials sold by 'kingpin monopolists'. Knowing the sad state of affairs, and of the Amway 'distributors' failure rates, Jack and Jill still promote Amway as the greatest of opportunities. This denial of the 'Amway Financial Holocaust' then makes these 'reality inverting' apologists, promoters of premeditated fraud: 'intent to defraud others' into joining the cultic Amway 'bidnez'.

These dunder heads, who now must deal with Amway critics calling them "Jack and Jill" have made a incredible error in questioning possibly the most prolific of all Amway propagandists, Doug Wead.

Wead, no longer needing to carry water for Amway has laid the cards out on the table, revealed the true purpose and nature of this delusional pair of 'fairy tale' misfits, now made all the more comical by someone whom they at one time professed admiration.
If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, most likely it is a duck!

Doug Wead has recently admitted that he wrote many of the books attributed to King of the Kingpins, Dexter Yager, making him the real propagandist behind Dex's throne.
Jack and Jill Went Up A Hill To Carry A Pail of 'Amway' Water

Jack Fell Down and Broke His Crown

And Jill Came Tumbling After

How appropriate that theses 'Jack and Jill' scoundrels have been 'outed' for their "assigned" treachery by one of their own kindred. I am not a fan of Doug Wead, but his recent revelation about Jack and Jill is very interesting indeed. I have referred to Steadson as the Swedish Swindler (as he now operates out of Sweden) although he is originally an Australian national.