Saturday, June 2, 2012

Behind Amway Products There's a Slave Story

Today I read an amusing article that describes what depressed copywritters would really print (if allowed). The Business Insider article includes the above picture where a field worker is shown loading a basket of produce onto some sort of conveyance which has an Amway advertisement. The headline reads "Behind Amway Products There's a Slave Story.
Actually, it is the cult adherents who buy Amway products who are the real slaves, not necessarily the field hand pictured. Even at slave wages, he actually profits from his labor.
Amway operates a 'closed market swindle' whereby the only real customers for Amway products are the Amway distributors themselves. They generally believe they can become wealthy buying the overpriced goods by recruiting and convincing others to believe the same bullshit 'prosperity dream'and to buy the same lot of overpriced crappy vitamins, energy drinks, and other 'wampum.'

Most people 'get it' that Amway is a bullshit opportunity, that Ambots are a cult of deluded, annoying people who believe they can pyramid scheme themselves to fortune. These cultists prey on their family, friends, co-workers and any sucker they might come across. They attend bullshit conventions to be lied to by Amway 'kingpins' and to buy a myriad lot of 'tools' to learn how the Amway 'con' works.

Amway is a cult of losers who keep losing because they are deluded into believing they become winners by being the only buyers in Amway's monopoly of greed. The Amway cult is rife with both abuser and the abused. The abused become the abuser. The bullied become the bully.


Joecool said...

This is no surprise and sends a red flag about the legality of Amway the MLM. How it evades the regulatory agencies is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Joe, look at other companies like Unilever. For example in India, for a ten second slot of TV ad it costs more than Rs1,00,000 and all the FMCG companies do advertise. However they price their products within affordable limits, say 100gm soap costs in India about Rs15-Rs25. But Amway has a brand called "Persona" soap and it costs MRP of Rs 43 and DAP of Rs 36 for 75gms! Where will the money go? It will straight away go to policy makers pocket and law is there where the money is!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever read any of David Brears books??

quixtarisacult said...

Has anyone ever read any of David Steadson's books?

Shazia Sahari said...

Xango has a long history of having it’s distributors make money. Not only that, but there are a lot of people worldwide who make money in this industry each Xango scam is totally false..........

quixtarisacult said...

Dear Shazia,

I beg to differ. Many X Amway kingpins are now operating under the Xango flag which basically is another MLM Amway clone. Doesn't Xango also push their own line of nearly useless 'tools' and aren't the "distributors" the primary buyer in this ruthless game of greed?

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