Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Big Lie

Today, I was reading through some comments on this blog under Amway’s Perfect Water Scam post.  One ‘anonymous’ person, claiming to ‘be going Diamond’ said that I must spend my time in the dark hating on Amway and so forth.  The truth is I hate what Amway does, much of which is similar to what Scientology does and neither is good.  Amway adherents repeat constantly the big lie:

 "...that you can own your own successful business."

Why is this a lie, you might ask?  Simply because Amway and their army of lawyers by contract virtually control every aspect of their (Amway) business.  Folks who swallow this first, of many, lies are doomed to be puppets in a pyramid marketing scheme that is purposely designed to be a long term failure.  Folks may claim to be miraculously changed into an ‘entrepreneur’ and are actively ‘faking it to making it'  while buying the ‘secrets’ of ‘financial freedom.'

Another Anonymous contributor left this comment about his/her experience in an Amway clone: 

"This website makes me laugh and cry......i wasn't bitten by the amway/quixtar viper.....but another "opportunity" sure knocked my teeth out.....when approached by seemingly well meaning green recruits, i want to shout "run for the hills and don't look back.....the heartache, the humiliation and loss of credibility is surely not what i wish for these hopefuls....but it surely will be their destiny....i poured my heart and soul into a like company and have not fully recovered many years later....i learned a lot....but at a very high i say to you eager eyed and pumped up new for the hills....don't look back!"

In the end, this negative experience happens to nearly all enthusiastic believer’s, not just Amway, but in nearly all their numerous clones like Mary Kay, Herbalife and NuSkin.   I emphasize  the  “heartache” “humiliation” and “loss of credibility”  I  have been warning those considering joining a MLM scheme to also "run for the hills" like this commenter says.    

I constantly observe how Amway and their 'kingpins' have taken their marketing scheme to the unfortunate people elsewhere in the world by offering them ‘the American dream’  in the form of “owning their own successful business.” These super human saviors repeat the big lie.  The citizens of emerging third world nations are ripe for the Amway scheme: possessing a naivety that can be exploited.  They are unaware of Amway’s track record in the United States. Amway operates like ‘carpetbaggers’ seeking those that can be preyed upon--who are less likely to have heard or read about Amway’s wake of ‘financial failures.’

"When Amway is put under a microscope two distinct harmful viruses appear.  Remember, big lies are more likely to be believed.  Adolf Hitler surely would agree."                                                                                                                        


Anonymous said...

Lol! In the end, we know that it is not for everyone. As it seems, you must make more money than Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki combined. You see, nneither of these gentlemen are in Network Marketing, yet these millionaires actually endorse it. I was told as a young child: "If you want to be successful, listen to the ones who have done what you want to."
Now, if you can tell me that you are debt free (I am), you have a sizeable savings ( I do) and also have financial independence(almost there). .......then, I will shift my ears towards you and listen. Other than that, spread the discontent of something you don't understand or fear. That is how we still have horrible issues like racism (lack of understanding and fear of the unknown).

quixtarisacult said...

Hmmm? Sounds like a 'fake it to make it' situation. Produce your tax return showing where you've paid taxes on your Amway profits. You pretty much repeat the 'tape speak' that I've heard from others. If indeed you are so successful, good for you, but I seriously doubt it. Most likely it is you who doesn't understand. Thank you for commenting. This is an open comment blog.

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