Thursday, December 11, 2014

Philanthropy and Patriotism the Refuge of Scoundrels

In a reply to a comment I made on David Brear's 'MLM' American Dream Made Nightmare blog, David Brear brought the Jimmy Savile sexual assault scandal in the United Kingdom to my attention.  In respect of his observations, I offer my assessment of Savile and describe how he and other criminal scoundrels and frauds have "infiltrated traditional society" and seek refuge as philanthropists and patriots.  

Deceased British comedic star Sir James Wilson Vincent "Jimmy" Savile, is not generally well known in the U.S., although he should be. His death barely registered a blip on the U.S. news radar.  While developing some background information on Savile, I discovered that he had at one time appeared in a series of commercials where he was portrayed as the inventor of Slim-Jim snacks, and like the more well known Slim-Jim pitch man Hulk Hogan,  Savile was a former 'big time' wrestler in the U.K.. Although "slim" of build,  Jimmy participated in the spectacle of wrestling during a particularly rough and bloody era.  

Since Savile's death, child molestation allegations have been brought against him posthumously.  This sexual abuse scandal did make wide-scale news in the U.S because it represented an incredible embarrassment to law enforcement and to the Royal Family . An extensive investigation has unmasked "Sir" Jimmy as a prolific pedophile-rapist whose victims number into the hundreds,  making him one of the most prolific sexual offenders in the modern history of the United Kingdom. Past allegations of sexual misconduct against Savile were disregarded and swept under covered up due to Savile's incredible public stature and philanthropy.   British author, David Brear says that, Sevile had thoroughly "infiltrated traditional culture."  For Savile's part, he managed to escape being brought to account for his crime up until his death.

What a strange, successful and eccentric character Sir James Salvile was!  During his long career in show business, Sevile  displayed his infatuation with young girls and had presented himself as an absurd adviser to wayward youth. He was known to ask children appearing on his TV show Jim'll Fix It the the now chilling question: 

"Who wants to come back to Jimmy’s dressing room?"

In addition to accusations of child molestation made since his death, Jimmy has also been accused of animal cruelty which indicates that he suffered with mental disorders and was most likely a psychopath. 

Sevile possessed a brilliance for his comedic craft while his friendly mannerism and charisma worked to disarm public scrutiny and masked his sinister double life.  Many observers and fans of his television persona expressed the common opinion that "Jimmy was not really a pedophile" believing his overt behavior toward young girls to be simply an act. All this being said, Sevile was a remarkable popular entertainer, tv presenter and a knighted celebrity, virtually loved by the British public and the Royal Family. 


A circus like atmosphere grew up around Savile's celebrity. Teenage groupies would sometimes show up outside his live appearances and seen drinking huge quantities of Buckfast and "puking it into the drains.".  Sevile wore outrageous hats and gaudy track suits. Savile hosted for a time Top of the Pops, the popular British equivalent of American Bandstand. Savile still can be seen in the numerous Youtube videos hosting the popular BBC show.

In retrospect, his sexual crimes should have been discovered and prosecuted during his living years. His incredible public celebrity provided him with an untouchable aura.  The fact that he had been knighted by the Catholic church and received the highest honor of knighthood bestowed upon him at Buckingham palace, has since, become an embarrassment to the church and the Royal Family.  

Sir Jimmy was buried in a red satin lined gold casket with eulogies and condolences coming from all over the world of celebrity, the social elite  and from Royalty. Savile had an insane infatuation with gold and gold powder which he is reported to have ingested, leading many to speculate that it contributed to his death.  Savile was appropriately buried in a gold casket.

According to a Wikipedia article on Jimmy Savile sex scandal, a report undertaken jointly by the police and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), was published on 11 January 2013. It said in part:

"...allegations covering a period of fifty years, including 214 alleged acts by Savile which, though uncorroborated, have been formally recorded as crimes, some involving children as young as eight. The report states "within the recorded crimes there are 126 indecent acts and 34 rape/penetration offences. Alleged offences took place at 13 hospitals as well as on BBC premises..."  

David Brear, author of MLM The American Dream Made Nightmare made a comment on his blog that sums up my thoughts on Jimmy Savile and income opportunity fraud.  I trust that he will not mind my using it. David says:

"During the course of my research into 'income opportunity' racketeers, I have discovered that all of them have attempted to prevent, and/or divert, investigation of their hidden criminal activities by steadfastly pretending to be 'philanthropists.' When seen in isolation (by casual observers), the creation of, and the giving of money to, charity can appear to be perfectly lawful activities. However, in the case of numerous gangs of 'income opportunity' racketeers ('Amway', 'Herbalife', NuSkin', 'Xango', 'Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing', 'Lyoness', etc.) when the wider picture is examined, these same activities are revealed as a blatant attempt to obstruct justice, forming part of an overall pattern of ongoing major racketeering activity."

Sir James Savile upon his death was eulogized as a most wonderful philanthropist, having given both his time and money to help the unfortunate.   Little did people realize "what else" he was giving to his unfortunate victims.

It has been said that the mobster, Al Capone, was recognized for his charity of opening upsoup kitchens and the feeding of the poor of Chicago during the darkest years of the great depression.

Amway, a shortening of the "American Way" has sought refuge in both patriotism and charity, although the means to give to their charitable foundations came from the pockets of those who believed in the Amway pyramid.  How wonderful. 


A recent scandal has now tarnished the reputation of America's Dad, Bill Cosby, who like Jimmy Savile, has been recognized for his significant support of charity. He has 'worked to educate and help unfortunate people with learning problems.' This despite the significant skeletons lurking in his closet. Philanthropy and Patriotism, the refuge of scoundrels.


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