Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quixtar/Amway Cult Initiate: 'Everyone Has a Story'

-how to handle negative on the web ...

-amafight logic from the darkside ...

I have encountered a story that a 'business cult' insider spoke to me. I thought it significant enough to describe our conversation on The Soap Box. This woman says that she asked her IBO relative 'why' her upline's upline had been in Amway for a decade and a half and had not gone anything even approaching diamond glory? The answer she got from her cult addled relative was:

"... everyone has their own Amway story ..."

Upon hearing this, the words tape speak came to my mind. Wow, let me catch my breath; what a revelation! The five year plan to Amway riches is a titanic deception, one which is explained away in cult tape speak; or how to handle negative on the web for dummies. Subtitle: 'how to handle those annoying questions raised by a family or friend that hasn't gone completely former?

I guess anyone considering Amway as a potential business relationship should really stop and consider the lies that these business cult recruiters have likely spoken and will just as easily explain away at some future time. I don't know about you, but a good start to any business relationship SHOULD NOT begin with a lie of that magnitude!

If you are a first time reader of The Soap Box, there is a wealth of Quixtar/Amway information on Quixtar Cult Intervention and Amway Global Cult Intervention which I invite you to also visit. There has been a revolution of what renown Amway critic Rocket has described as 'dudes' debunking Amway as the Scamway it has always been, regardless of all the blarney!


Anonymous said...

Within the world of Amway, those involved are taught that they have a "special" involvement, and that some things mentioned are only for them, because if they heard them prior to joining they would not "understand", and misss out on the wonders that are Amway.
Not only do they lie about those "facts", they praise those that over extent themselves. This is use to strenghten their "story".
Oh sure anyone can do this business, it's easy, but those that real want to excel have to go through a struggle. In other words, the upline wants them to have a hard time, and as long as they are struggling with the "faith" that they will be diamond one day...they are a bountiful food for their upline to sup on.

quixtarisacult said...

...enthusiasm for a scheme;
success in which is nearly as elusive as a million dollar scratch off ticket.

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