Friday, November 21, 2008

Amway – Quixtar: Where Criminal Intent to Defraud Becomes "Caveat Emperor" to Alticor Employee!

Recently, I published a post on Quixtar Cult Intervention which was a comment from a Reader named Marge. Marge told a horrific story of how her husband went through money he didn't have, ran up credit card bills and hid his Amway activities from her and basically left her another victim of the Amway financial holocaust!

An alticor employee (most likely)-- IP address with this IP Path: (Alticor Inc) Ada, Michigan—left the following comment in regards to Marge's plight:


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Amway/How It Works/Marge's Story":

sad story, but how is this amway's fault? poor decisions + low motivation + credit card + some bad advice sprinkled in does not equal a problem with the company or even the concept.

this could happen to anyone in any business, or hobby for that can be blown on lots of useless things.

amway doesn't require that owners buy any of that crap, and after $16k if this person is not wise enough to know that they have a problem then it was a matter of time before a "fool and his money are soon separated".


Besides having an obvious problem with capitalization, this person basically is making the husband the culprit behind Marge's plight. This anonymous person, obviously an Amway employee or executive says :

“poor decisions + low motivation + credit card + some bad advice sprinkled in does not equal a problem with the company or even the concept.”

I beg to differ with this 'anonymous' Alticor/Amway Global anonymous Amway apologist. I've added emphasis to “...some bad advice sprinkled in....” You mention this as if it were a very minor detail by your adding “sprinkled in”. Sure, you call all the dream selling hype and all the tool propaganda along with upline encouragement “bad advice”? I call it: CRIMINAL INTENT TO DEFRAUD! ...QIAC


Anonymous said...

This is true. Amway is not at fault for the action of an IBO and the LOS that sold him the tapes and seminar tickets.

However, Amway is however, tied to the incident because the Amway opportunity is the tool being used by the LOS to peddle their useless motivational tools. Don't forget that the LOS also teaches the same IBOs to buy 100 PV per month so Amway benefits by these teachings.

quixtarisacult said...


Amway hides behind all their red tape in a legalistic world while they take the dupes to the cleaners. You have heard of RICO laws making all guilty for the actions of a few in a criminal enterprise. They invoked this law to prosecute the likes of John Gotti, but it could very well be applied to Amway. Go after the big fish, instead of taking the little con man at the bottom of the racket.

Oh, I just noticed something else about what this Alticor fellow said, he called the stuff that Marge's husband bought "Crap!" HOW EXISTENTIAL! LMAO Might this fellow be ducking the Alticor investigators on this malfunction?

Anonymous said...

If someone hires a hitman, the person who did the hiring is just as if not more guilty than the triggerman.

quixtarisacult said...

That is why the Amway cat always tries to cover up the mess in the cat box. That is why they only got Al Capone for tax evasion. Heck, the DeVos are one of the right wing's fly boys. He's paid off city hall at the highest levels of government. Dick and old Saul Rich are the real Teflon dons! But then again, Canada might have made their charges stick. Seems like the late Van Andel partner was caught basically red handed.

I love what "dirty" Rich said recently at one of his speech at the regional economic affairs at the Amway Grand. You know, the one where he said the Bankers should just do like he did, say he was sorry, even though he doesn't think he did anything wrong when the Canadians wanted to throw him in jail. He want to pick up the Amway soap there with some big burly ex hockey player con standing behind him!

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