Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Amway Critics Making A Difference On The Soap Box

I would like to introduce readers to the Soap Box Blog. A place where I invited Amway Critics to make a difference in their World. I invite as many who would like to be a guest blogger here.

I send out invitations to all well known critics to become a guest blogger here. Topics generally will revolved around Amway Global/Quixtar Criticisms but off topic posts are also welcome since this indeed is The Soap Box, a place where the Critics can decide what Interests them.

Of course, I will provide regular original content and assist anyone wanting to take part on the Soap Box. You don't necessarily have to be a well known critic to be a guest poster here; (are you listening Mike and Dave?) many of the commenter's on Quixtar Cult Intervention may not necessarily have a blog of their own to post their ideas but can now have a place to add their 2 cents. I will make myself available to assist anyone desiring to make their voice heard on top of the Soap Box.

There is a trend that critics like Rocket, Joecool, and myself have noticed as of late involving regular "dudes" who have been speaking out online about their perceptions of Amway, Amway Global, and the soon to be defunct Quixtar. Rocket of Rocket's Rants coined the term 'dudes' to describe these ragtag bunch of regular people who intuitively know what and how Amway rolls in their towns and make it a point to tell the world the truth. The Ozzamway Blog has also been high lighting others who have been adding their voices to the discussion with a unique Australian prospective. The Wall on Face Book is another area where regular people are expressing their views of Amway. I am heartened by the handling of Ambots recently by the regular sport dudes on their FanHome Forum. I have discovered numerous blog posts all expressing truthful assessments of the Amway and making their opinions known to the World. For a pernicious Amway Cult to succeed, they seek to control the information being disseminated about themselves. Blogger Scobbie Davis says that information is the enemy of these cults, and that is what Soap Box is all about. A round of applause is in order for the pioneers of Amway criticism, and a word of thanks goes out to Scott Larsen, the big dog of Amway criticism. Let's not forget what the fellows over at Q-Blog have accomplished with their web portal and forum. I also want to mention the efforts of Cindy Coenen on her Fraud Files Blog for exposing MLM Scams in general.

There also is another trend I have noticed from tracking online searches for information on Amway/Quixtar, and that is from dudes--both men and women--from the expanding nations of Asia and elsewhere who are looking for information about Amway most likely because they are being exposed to the Amway plan. I am thankful for other bloggers who provide these searchers with the sad truth about just how terrible a non-opportunity Amway really is.

Guest Blogger David Brear has provided many interesting articles for readers of Quixtar Cult Intervention. Guest bloggers now have a chance to also add their voices and make Soap Box a place where all things Amway Critic can find voice. The online advocates of Amway, the Ambots, troll the Internet seeking to set all the dudes straight. Amway apologists seek to 'invert reality' by denying the 'financial holocaust' that Amway has wrought. We critics can do more than anything to thwart these Merchants of Deception where we find these discriminators of lies and provide the antiseptic salve that keeps any wounds Amway opens up from becoming infected.

Folks desiring to take part in the Soap Box are welcome to simply comment and express their desire to take part. I will also entertain a one on one discussion with prospective contributors via email. Please feel free to email me: As always, Go Dudes!


Anonymous said...

The red on blue colors, are a bit much to read.

Anyhoo, ya wanted a critic, so I am doing so, well at least at this time to request a change in font and or background color

Anonymous said...

It is just my opinion, but some of these zealot pro amway bloggers like IBOFB are actually creating more harm than good by their online presence. They drop in on established forums (online communities) where their opinions are not welcome and then the result is what we are currently calling "encounters with dudes".

quixtarisacult said...


Thanks for the input. I've made changes. I didn't like the default color settings either, but I didn't spend a lot of time choosing new ones, and have only spent a short amount of time making changes to the color scheme today. Thank you for the input. Very helpful indeed. This project indeed is yours as well as mine.


Your last post on your web page is very good. Would you mind if I pasted some of your views from that post as part of a post here on the Soap Box?

Anonymous said...

QIAC, thanks for the comment. Anything to help the cause, you are welcome to post.

quixtarisacult said...


I will have to whip something up my friend in Hawaii. My have been planning a trip to Hawaii soon. What things can I miss, and what should I see there dude? I can get some scuba diving in as well off of those beautiful beaches, but most likely will be taking some charters as well. Staying in the posh places most likely. Any nice inexpensive cabanas nearby? You might be a real help in telling me what my best options are. I have been upbeat my friend, You are connected. You don't know anyone that is into piracy down there (besides the Quixtar folk)?

I indeed see the end of a nightmare, the dark cloud that has been over our country in the past eight years has been broken allowing some wonderful sunlight to peek through. I don't mind telling anyone that I am so happy that it has happened.

I just wanted to give readers a heads up, that I am about ready to post another interesting article for which I'm known. Takes a little time to work out the quirks, but perceptive infiltrator, calls me laughingly prolific. Seems like I have developed quite a audience in Michigan and I have been so honored by another famous blogger there. Needless to say, tex might not like it, but I've already got two blogs, either one a major success compared to his puny site, a micro midget place for tool scam kookiness. I've got the proof by the way. I may have to start a newsletter and that way I could share what is going on elsewhere in the land of cult deceits.

Last evening I was checking my stat counter statistics on readership and so forth and finally exhausted myself and gave up because I've been getting so many hundreds and hundreds of hits and what began as a hobby of mine evolved into a nightmare of good sorts. I just am amazed when I started blogging that I would experience the readership and I want to also thank everyone from Europe that reads, as a major group, Germany, France and Great Britain have been coming to see just what is going on. Naive people have been exposed and that is all I seek. Like a seed, thoughts take hold. It must be a technological marvel of our times to be able to dispel improper conceptions of MLM schemes and repudiate the Amway Myths. Even my more recent blog, Amway Global Cult Intervention is starting to do well also. At least it is being read by extremely important people in high levels of Government. Proof positive evidence that our Government wants to learn what real people think, not the folk who are peddling dribble simply because they are paid hacks.

Now, I want to expand and create a platform, THE SOAP BOX for the editorially minded critics to take stage. Does that make any sense?

The common sense idea to do a post on a popular blog is to have your link placed there along side of a popular page. You then attract more traffic to your own site as well, and that leads to more exposure. Tap your finger on your head. Remind yourself that it is the power of logic that carries the most weight in the free market of ideas.

I will be giving a shout out to the Amway Critics, and if you've got a favorite critic to nominate beside yourself that you would like to see as guest Soap Box artiste, let me know? I have been thinking about doing a critics wall, which basically is what the Soap Box is anyway but the wall I'm referring with be a page of links. The Soap Box is a place for the voices and work of Amway Critics and even major European authors who take the short one step up and get on top of the soap box. Editorial powerhouses wanted here. Reader, and you my friend, can be an editorial powerhouse! Many already are and are shaping the Amway Global critic's landscape 'so to speak.' We can wash out the enemies mouth with their own soap! How existential!

Anonymous said...

I posted a thread on Wblog about why soe Amway "trolls" do more harm than good.

Joecool's blog has also been getting many international hits. I get many from Asia/China and India, and many from Australia and Canada. The word is getting out.

Re: Your trip to Hawaii - depends on what island you plan to visit. There are many places outside the mainstream that you would enjoy.

quixtarisacult said...

Is the water always warm there?

Joecool said...

The water is usually fairly warm. Be careful of where you go swimming, we do have occasional shark attacks here.

If you want pure beauty, I would recommend you visit the island of Kauai.

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